• Natasha Lockhart

Butterface by Avery Flynn

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Great story about a woman who learned to trust that she was “good enough” and worthy of love.

Bullies come in all ages. Regina grew up dealing with bullies who teased her for having crooked teeth, a large nose, and big eyes. As an adult, the stares and snickers continued. When we meet Regina, a wedding planner, she’s working hard to get her business off the ground and renovate a Victorian home she inherited from her grandfather. Her self-esteem hasn’t been completely destroyed, but she has placed herself in the category of undateable. She believes she’s so unattractive no good looking guy would ever be interested in her.

Ford isn’t your typical stud. He sees past Regina’s physical imperfections and appreciates the true beauty she possesses. Loved him. Loved his family. #butterface #averyflynn #beautycomesfromwithin #truebeauty #contemporaryromance

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